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Communication error in PROGAMP
Dean H. Jun 12, 2015 at 04:25 AM (04:25 hours)
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  • Hi I could do with some advice I want to upload a hex file to the freescale FRDM-K20D50M demo board using the multilink universal and PROGAMP software I removed J11 on the demo board to disable the on board programmer and connected the multilink to the swd connector also connected the demo board usb port to provide power.
    In PROGACMP I've Selected a K20dx128 and set to use SWD protocol
    the interface is set at usb multilink and the port is also set to the multilink.
    My problem is I cannot connect to the board it just say no communication i'm running on windows8 so just to make sure it's not a windows issue I've installed the software on windows xp with the same issue.
    I know the demo board is working fine because I have 2 board and I can get one demo board to programme the other without any issue
    any ideas what I'm doing wrong


  • found the problem I needed to cut J14 and reconnect J11

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