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USB multilink interface connot connnected to target after we have downloaded prog into it once
zhao j. Jun 11, 2015 at 05:13 AM (05:13 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Our device is USB MON08 Multilink, its version is Rev.D.
    Our CPU is 68HC908MR32.

    We build a mini system which only has one MCU. MCU's pins are connected to MON08's header. We have measured PTC2 and PTC4 pins on MON08's header and found that PTC2 pin is set high level and PTC4 is set low level. So we wonder if there is one mistake in the manual and software's user interface. And then, we exchange these two pins connection(PTC2 on header connected to PTC4 on MCU, and PTC4 on header connected to PTC2 on MCU). After these working, we can connect to MCU via MON08.

    At last, We download a new program into MCU via software PROG08SZ which is downloaded from your website. Yes, it works. But after we exit this software, we cannot connect to the target again.

    The status message is:
    0. Hardware loopback detected, N (sometimes yes)
    1. Device echoed... N
    2. .. 3... ..8 N

    So, Can you give some suggestions.


  • Zhao,

    There is no mistake. The PTC2 pin selects the clock divider which affects the baud rate.

    PTC2 = 0 (div 2) will give twice the baud rate of PTC2 = 1 (div 4)

    PTC4 = 0 always.

    If you have problems connecting, try selecting "IGNORE SECURITY FAILURE AND ENTER MONITOR MODE". There is also a MON08 Diagnostics mode that you can turn on to check voltage on each pin. PROG08SZ is currently at version Make sure you are running the latest version.

    We have a MR32 evaluation board if you want to get something to test and compare against your design.


    • Thank you for your reply. I have found out the reason that device connot work is there are some wrong connections. Now, it works, and thanks again.

      • Great!

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