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Clone a MC9S12DG256
stephen b. May 18, 2015 at 05:55 PM (17:55 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi,
    When a unit (with a MC9S12DG256) comes in for repair but it is unrepairable ( e.g. water damaged)I what to copy eeprom / flash and then flash it back on a replacement unit.
    So the replacement unit does not need reconfiguration by the customer(just plug and play).

    Two things I would like to active:
    1. Clone a MC9S12DG256I reliably (at the moment I sometime get bad flash, then the unit will not re-flashed).

    2. Recover the bad flashed units I have, so they can be re-flashed and then reuse (I understand they need to be Unsecured).

    Pleases can you help me with any of this, what software and hardware do I need to do this (in the best economical way).



    • Stephen,

      An economical way will be the USB-ML-UNIVERSAL (hardware) and PROG12Z (software). The cost will be $199 + $169 respectively.

      PROG12Z is our flash programming software and it supports a command called Upload Module which reads out all the data on the flash of a unsecured 9S12 micro and saves it as a srecord file.

      The P&E hardare connects to the target board through a 6 pin BDM header.

      Another feature that you may want to think about is the ability to provide power from the P&E interface. If you had a board that couldn't turn on because the power supply was damaged, you'll want to be able to power the micro independently (so you can read out the data). The Cyclone Pro gives you that capability and it costs $598 (this price includes software).


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