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How CYCLONE can operate under ATE supervision?
. May 11, 2015 at 04:19 AM (04:19 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I need some information regarding the use of the CYCLONE PRO and the CYCLONE MAX,that we are recently using for the Freescale microcontrollers.
    I'm trying to replace some competitor programming systems with CYCLONE programmers, but I found it quite difficult, because the programmer must be interfaced with an ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) that selects the firmware (.SAP), starts the programming and then tests the result.
    I was wondering if there would be a way to accomplish the above process with CYCLONE programmers?
    I saw that the CYCLONE allows the command line management, may I do the above by using the serial communication?


    • Hi!

      If you want to control Cyclones from your own application, you need our Automated Control Package. The Cyclones can receive commands via its serial port.

      Cyclone Automated Control Package:

      Is your ATE environment Windows-based?


      • Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately our ATE isn't PC based but symply a microcontroller board (freescale 8bit) with some analog and digital I/Os. It can communicate with CYCLONE only by simple RS232 line or by digital lines (TTL).
        For example, in the actually programmer that we use, we select the firmware image to be programmed using 5 lines(pins of uC) and we are able to start the programmer using a single line.

        Tanks in advance

        • Hi,

          Can you tell me the exact part number of the 8 bit Freescale microcontroller?


          • Hi,
            the microcontroller used on the ATE board, to control the CYCLONE, is the Freescale MC9S08AC60. We dont't have a single ATE type but this is the largest used in our production site.
            On the board we have also a FTDI RS232/USB converter that can be used for this pourpose.


            • Hi Enrico,

              The Cyclone can only program the Freescale MC9S08AC60 through the 6 pin BDM header. Although the Cyclone comes with a serial port, it is used only for communication with the PC.


              • Hi,
                probably I haven't properly explained our problem! We don't have to program the ATE instead we have to use an ATE to command the CYCLONE. This CYCLONE does program another board (our product) with a freescale microcontroller inside. We have some products with 8bit microcontroller (MC9S08AW, MC9S08QG, MC9S08SH, etc) and others with 32 bit microcontroller (MKE02Z, KL25Z, etc).
                We are trying to connect the ATE with the CYCLONE using a serial connection (or similar) to send the commands to the CYCLONE (for example StartProgram, SelectSAP, etc) and check the result of the programmation.

                I think you just have answered me with the last words of the comment; if the CYCLONE can only comunicate with PC we cannot do anything!


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