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Questions about Tracelink
Rui D. Apr 1, 2015 at 11:36 AM (11:36 hours)
Staff: Edison T.

  • The Tracelink has 128MB of trace memory according to data sheets. If using a Kinetis K70 chip with ETM support is it still 128MB or is it reduced?

    Does the Tracelink support ETB Trace Display?

    Does the Tracelink support NOR Flashing or NAND Flashing?

    On the datasheet it also mentions "Supports trace port speeds up to 250 MHz", what about SWD and JTAG speeds using a Kinetis K70?

    And finally is Tracelink supported on IAR?



  • Greetings,

    Sorry that no one has answered your question yet. Did you get your questions answered already? If not I can try to help you out.

    Not all devices have ETM. But almost all devices have ETB. ETB can be debugged using any of our hardware interfaces that support the chip. ETM is only supported by the Tracelink. You can change the 128MB trace memory by going into the debug configurations to change the buffer size.

    All of our tools support NOR flash, but not NAND flash.

    If you have used our tools before, you will find the debug shift frequency setting. This is the speed at which the P&E interface will communicate to the chip. This is the SWD and JTAG speed.

    Tracelink can be supported by IAR but only as a ETB debugger and flash programmer. The ETM external trace is only support in Freescale's Codewarrior.

    Takao Yamada

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