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Cyclone Pro: PROGCFV1 works, Image Creation Utility doesn't
Doug P. Mar 19, 2015 at 09:43 AM (09:43 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Good Morning:

    I've got a weird problem that I hope you can enlighten me to the error of my ways.

    I have a Coldfire V1 MCF51AC project. Created with Freescale Codewarrior v6.3 and tested using a P&E Multillink (rev C), all is working just as designed. Now to deliver the project to test, it needs to be wrapped up as an SAP file for loading with a Cyclone Pro. Here things break down completely. In fact, trying to load the SAP contents pretty much bricks the target. Fortunately I can recover the target by reloading the .S19 file via the Multilink, but I'm otherwise at a standstill on deploying the project.

    Exploring the possibility there might be something un-right with the Cyclone Pro, I have tested both the hardware and my programming algorithm using the "PROGCFV1_CYCLONEPRO" program v5.13.02.00. From my PC to the Cyclone to the target, this loads the target 100% of the time.

    Now, switching over to the "Cyclone Image Creation Utility" version 3.61, I set up precisely the same steps that worked with the ""PROGCFV1_CYCLONEPRO" program and click on the "Store Image to Cyclone" button. The SAP appears in the Cyclone Pro IN list. I shut down the creation utility and shuffle over to the Cyclone Pro and the connected target.

    At the Cyclone Pro UI, I go through the sequence of selecting the image and lauching programming it. With 99.5% repeatability this will result in either an error 2003 ("Erase error, module failed or canceled") or more likely an error 0007 ("Error entering debug mode"). At this point, the target is bricked and it's back to the Multilink to recover.

    Is there any way to forward some images to this forum? I've got a screen shot of the "PROGCFV1_CYCLONEPRO" setup that works great. I've got a screen shot of the "Image Creation Utility" setup that works not at all. Perhaps there is something obvious that I'm missing with the "Image Creation Utility".

    Other than that, are there any known issues or tricks with the standalone Cyclone Pro and MCF51AC system? We've used the Cyclone Pro stand alone with other HCS08 products. Although sometimes finicky, the Cyclone Pro always works eventually. This is the first use with the Coldfire V1 and it is being completely uncooperative.

    Thanks for any comments you can provide.

    Doug Paulsen


  • Greetings,

    Sounds very odd that you would get these errors when it worked fine in the PROG software.

    First, I would suggest making sure you have the latest Cyclone pro software and firmware here:

    There are no tricks in standalone and ColdFire V1. If you could program an HCS08, then CFV1 is not much different. Hopefully the new software and firmware will fix your issue.

    We do not allow posting of any files onto the forum for security reasons. If you are still struggling and need to post files for us, then please create a support ticket at Support page -> Support Request. However, the forums will be the fastest response time.

    Takao Yamada

  • Yes.  I have updated from Cyclone Pro 8.44 to the current 8.63 as of yesterday.  The results are unchanged.  

    Isn't it unexpected that the Cyclone Pro DOES work in non-stand-alone/dependant mode but DOES NOT work stand-alone? It sure looks like there's slight but critical difference between the two operations.


  • Greetings,

    There is definitely differences in standalone vs PROG implementation. Standalone is all firmware of the cyclone pro, while the PROG is a software implementation that passes the information through the cyclone. But normally if you can program in PROG then switching over to standalone should be simple. Also, the standalone is executing commands very quickly compared to the point and click of the PROG software.

    However, I have not seen issues with standalone programming with the CFV1 chip architecture. The error 0007 and 2003 usually indicates some kind of communication and power issue in hardware. A few questions:

    1) Are you powering your target externally or using the cyclone pro relays? If cyclone pro relays, did you make sure to set the jumpers correctly on the cyclone and also enable power within the image creation settings?

    2) Are you using any custom ribbon cable, adapter, reset driver, or other unique hardware on the board or between the cyclone and the chip? If you do, this could be the reason between PROG working and stand alone not working. Like I said, standalone is executing things fast and any impedance and delay can cause execution problems.

    Takao Yamada

  • Hi Takao:

    1) In both case, the target is powered externally, that is not via the Cyclone Pro relays.

    2) I believe the ribbon cable is the original that came with the Cyclone Pro. In terms of the BDM interface, there is not intermediate hardware: Pin 1 is connected directly to the MCF51's BKGD, pin 2 to ground, pin 4 directly to the MCF51's RESET, and pin 6 to VCC (I assume that's disconnected internally to the Cyclone by selecting the target as self-powered).

  • Greetings,

    Actually VCC is very important. It is the reference voltage for BKGD and RESET signals. It needs to know if the chip is 3V or 5V part. Otherwise it would not know if 3V is a high voltage reading or in the middle for a 5V part.

    You indicated your cyclone pro is a bit finicky even with the HCS08 architectures. Do you have other cyclones and tried them out? If not, I am worried that your cyclone may be damaged if it cannot be reliable.

    I think it is time you create a support ticket and show me the image creation settings and commands you have set so I get a better picture of your setup and intended use. If possible, could you also attach your algorithm and S19 file so I can try to replicate this on my end?

    Takao Yamada

  • Hi Takao:

    We have two Cyclone Pros, one here in engineering and a second over with the test folks. I rarely bother with it as I'm set up with CodeWarrior and a Multilink. Until now when I've got to wrap my S19 as a SAP file. Test is getting the same errors on their Cyclone Pro from my SAP creation as I do, so I doubt the problem is with a broken Cyclone Pro (unless they are BOTH broken...). I would appreciate if you could open an avenue so that I can share some setup images, files, and such.

    Your comments about VCC worry me a bit. This target is a daughter board at the other end of a long flat ribbon umbilical cord from the motherboard. The target derives it's power from the motherboard. The target is 5V, the motherboard 3V (but it also supplies 24V from which the target's 5V is derived). Obviously, there's level shifting going on to support serial communications between the two boards. Now I'm assuming by declaring the target self-powered, the Cyclone Pro is sensing Vcc and adjusting it's signals to match? If so, I'd better check the BDM Vcc pin is as intended.


  • Greetings,

    I cannot open a support request for you. Like I said, please go to Support page -> support request to create a ticket.

    Yes, VCC is very important and if your target is 5V then VDD on the BDM needs to be 5V. Many people assume this is not needed if the board is externally powered. Do the same for your HCS08 target implementation as well. This may be why you have had finicky results in the past.

    Takao Yamada

  • Hi Takao:

    My BDM pin-6 is right there at 5V, just as it's supposed to be.

    Could you clarify a point about the setup in the "Cyclone Image Creation Utility"? My target has it's own power derived from the system to which it is installed. Therefore in the "Target Voltage & Power Settings frame" I have unchecked the "Use Cyclone Pro Relays" and all the other options disappear.

    Now how does the Cyclone Pro know the voltage of the system which it is connected to? Does it read the BDM pin-6 voltage and treat that value as a logic one?

    Other than that, I guess I'm off to the support page to open a ticket...


  • Greetings,

    As long as you set the checkbox unchecked in image creation utility, then the cyclone will not provide power to your target. It will let the 5V from the chip's VCC to be used as reference voltage. What is happening is the VCC is powering up buffers within the cyclone. Whether the cyclone powers them or your chip is depending on your setting.

    Takao Yamada

  • Greetings,

    This issue was brought up in a support request ticket and may have been resolved by the customer. The issue came down to chips that was holding down the RESET line. This can happen if the chip is brand new or the running code has problems.

    If the board is externally powered, the cyclone has no control over how to get the chip out of this RESET held down. The best solution is to allow the cyclone pro to provide power to the target. This allows the cyclone to have full control over power and be able to power cycle the chip while holding down the BKGD line. This prevents the chip from running code and enter background mode without any problems.

    Takao Yamada

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