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How to create batch file for initial and reset cyclone pro.
Khwanruthai ^. Mar 9, 2015 at 03:47 AM (03:47 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hi , refer to cyclone pro can use batch file to update firmware. 
    So I want to know How to create batch file for check communicate PC and cyclone Pro and reset
    cyclone pro. Please help me to send method to check it. ^^


    • Hi,

      Do you want to use the Cyclone Pro's stand alone mode or our CPROG software?

      In the case of stand alone, the programming settings (this is the cfg file) are stored inside the Cyclone Pro's memory. In the case of CPROG, the settings are stored on the PC.

      Stand alone is superior is general because it is faster. The downside is if your S19 file changes you have to download it again to the Cyclone. If you use CPROG, you don't need to do that since everything is stored on the PC.

      Which mode are you trying to setup?


      • I use the cyclone Pro by CPROG software [*.sap]. 
        I'm create batch file to programming IC as below :

        %Path% PORT=USB1 IMAGE=1 UPDATEIMAGE "D:\Program Burn Firmware All\SMART1_EDPS-1100AB B_PRIMARY.SAP" >> "%Report%"

        but I want to know : Have another command to initial and reset cyclone pro?

        Thank you. ^^

        • Hi,

          It looks like you are using sap_launch.exe. Is that correct?


          • Hi Johnny
            Yes , I use sap_launch.exe to programming IC.

            • Hi,

              sap_launch doesn't have a command to reset the Cyclone unit itself. In general, it is not necessary. If your Cyclone encounters a programming error, it should still be able to execute another image when you send a START command. If your Cyclone is not responding to a command because of some communication problem with the PC, then sending a reset will not work either. Let me know if you are having any problems.


              • Hi,Johnny 
                Thank you very much. ^^

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