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Floating license for products?
Steve W. Jan 30, 2014 at 11:45 AM (11:45 hours)
Staff: Keith M.

  • A floating license would be very nice.
    We have developers both h/w and firmware that use P&E products like PROGCFZ and PROG32Z. Depending on the developer's current assignment they may need the flash programmer for a short time. Later a new developer takes over and now we have to reassign the license or purchase a new license.
    Floating licenses would make this and many other similar scenarios much easier to manage.


  • Hi Steve,

    It is my understanding that we are working on a floating license solution, but it will not be available until the middle of this year at the earliest. As more information emerges in the coming months I'll try to remember to keep you posted.


    • Hi Keith,

      Recently, I bought one USB Multilink Universal FX with PROG32Z software. Please notice me once the floating license version will be available.

      Currently, I need to use one USB Multilink Universal FX device on two different computers (one is my laptop for programming and another one is my desktop for application). Can I install one set of software to these two computers? OR, I need to buy two sets of software for individual computers till the floating license version available for temporary solution?

      Best regards,

      Eugene Chan

      • Hi Eugene,

        Our PROG software licenses allow you to activate the software on two machines as long as they are not used simultaneously. So you should be able to activate the software both at your desktop and on your laptop with no problems. Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


        • I am also interested in activating this software on multiple machines. Is the activation restricted to a certain number of machines? Say for instance, that I have a number of developers that need this software activated on each of their machines. They won't all be used at the same time, but each developer has their own machine for when they travel. .


          • Hi Bryce,

            My understanding is that is a single-user license, so unfortunately this type of use would not fall under the terms of the license. But I've posted a copy to your account so your can read the specifics.

            Thank you,

  • Thanks.  It would be a great addition.

    • I've set a reminder in my calendar to check for new info in two months, will post here at that time if more news is available (or if not).

  • We would still be interested in a floating license solution for progcfz and prog32z.  Still have the occasional need to use these, but the old windows systems the licenses were on have been recycled.  A floating license would endure time, changed pcs, and changed users.  If necessary we would pay an annual maintenance fee for the floating license.

    • I will ask again about plans for updates to our licensing, I'm not aware of any at this time.

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