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Flash Memory Program with PROG12Z
Pablo B. Jan 16, 2014 at 11:57 AM (11:57 hours)
Staff: Keith M.

  • Hi, I need know if I can program the flash memory with the PROG12Z and USB multilink interface. The microcontroller is a Freescale MC9S12XS128MAA.


  • Hi Pablo,

    Thanks for getting in touch. PROG12Z and a USB Multilink are the right tools for the job, although the MC9S12XS128MAA doesn't appear to be in our current library of programming algorithms. We can create custom algorithms free of charge upon request in a few days (typically). I'll check with engineering and let you know.


  • Thanks Keith.

    I have only the .bin from a old project. Can I program the microcontroller with prog12z using this file format? Know you a tool to convert .bin to .s19?
    Best regards.

  • I tried with bin2s19 but could not generate my s19 file. I think I need some DOS specific command that I'm not using it correctly.

  • Keith,
    Have you a help or list of commands for the bin2s19 utility?

    • Hi Pablo,

      I will ask!


  • Hi Pablo,

    Engineering has asked that you please submit a support request here:

    This will allow them to communicate with you directly to make sure that you have the most recent bin2s19 and that it is converted properly.


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