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Having trouble with 9s12c64 cfa 48pin
Dave D. Jan 6, 2014 at 01:19 PM (13:19 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I am using usb Multilink Interface,(red), Prog12z V 1.67.  I cant seem to find an algorithm "C"64.  When using any other algorithm, "A64, B64, D64,DB64 etc..)
    it appears to upload module normally but the file is all zeroes in the data area. Anyone have any advice? Thank you in advance!!


  • Hi Dave,

    I just posted a link to the algorithm for the 9S12C64 to your account. If you click on the 'Home' tab at the top, it will bring you to the main site where you should see the download link.


    • Thank you Johnny, I will try this later today. Would there be an algorithm that only addresses the eeprom?

  • I tried that to no avail. Everything goes as normal. select algorithm, upload module, saved it.  When I open the saved file with my s19 editor, it says 

    " Error encountered on line 1, S2140F0000FFFFFF..........EC, Unable to continue."

    Any ideas? Is there anyway to simply read the eeprom data? That is all I need to edit and never had any trouble with any other 9s12 device.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Dave,

      Are you still having issues?


  • Yes I am, Sorry but I was sick the last couple of days. I will email you the s19 file this afternoon.

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