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John D. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
No staff assigned yet

  • I can't seem to solve this problem (or series of problems).  I bought a Multilink Universal last month because my development platform was changed to WIN-7 64 Bit and my laptop is running VISTA 32 bit.  My $29 BDM module only runs on an older XP system.  After a lot of work and the error in the title of this posting I was able to still program my 9S12XDP512 processor with the Mulitlink Universal.  That device had to go out on a service call for a few weeks so I bought the more expensive Multilink Universal FX plus PROG12Z software.

    I'm using CodeWarrier 5.1.
    I'm still getting the error from the subject title but now I'm also getting a can't find libusb0.dll when I try and load the communication window.

    I've gone through the uninstall, reboot, install process on WIN-7 64 bit a number of times.
    I use a Dallas Ds1813 reset chip on the reset line so after setting the delay after reset to 300mS I've now been able to communicate using the PROG12Z application. I don't know which specific 9S12X algorithm to use but it doesn't seem to matter which one I choose.

    Loading the S record file or the ABS file gives an error All S Records not in range or module. Invalid addresses in $0000C000 to $0000C01F.

    But back to CodeWarrier. The file libusb0.dll isn't missing from the computer since a search turns it up in a number of locations. Clearly it's not in the right location for the Multilink Univedrsal FX.

    The file is here;
    C:\Program Files (x86)\PEMicro\multilink_universal\Drivers\osbdm\redist
    C:\Program Files (x86)\PEMicro\PROG12Z\Drivers\osbdm\redist

    After ignoring the missing file dialog I do get the P&E HC(S)12 Connection Manager - v2.74.00.01
    Interface is Multilink, Embedded Multilink or Embedded OSBDM
    Port: Undetected. Disconnect/Connect USB cable. Click Refresh List (FAQ #29).

    That's kind of pointless as it doesn't work. The blue LED is on solid. The amber LED is on. As I said above the PROG12Z works and here the connection manager is titled "PEMICRO Connection Manager"
    Interface is USB Multilink, USB Multilink FX
    Port is Multilink Universal FX Rev A(PE5750602)

    I can provide a scope photo of the reset and BDM lines showing communications happening.

    So where do I start? I'm out of pocket for Multilink Universal, Multilink Universal FX and a copy of PROG12Z none of which actually work. I have spent days trying to get the previous Multilink Universal and now the FX working with only marginal sucess.

    It shouldn't be this hard should it?



  • Hi John,

    Regarding the "Invalid addresses in $0000C000 to $0000C01F" error message that you receive in PROG12Z, this is likely due to your S-records using logical addressing. PROG12Z should include a "Log2Phy" utility which will convert the S-record into physical addressing, which is needed for PROG12Z to understand exactly which addresses should be programmed. (This is due to the Paging architecture in the HCS12 architecture) Alternatively, the utility can be downloaded stand-alone:" target="_blank">

    CodeWarrior 5.1 is a bit old and will need a patch in order to detect the Universal FX. If you could submit a support request on our website, we should be able to get you the files and instructions necessary to do this.

    Best regards,

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