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Target not responding after a single step
Fabian L. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
No staff assigned yet

  • Hello, 

    I've got a problem programming a MC9S08DZ60 from Freescale with IAR and P&E USB Multilink.

    When I try to debug I receive the message, and can see in the log :

    Warning: Target not responding after a single step. Try reset.
    Unable to execute: driver error.

    I've checked the device in project option is ok, I've put the CPU Clock Frequency to 40000 kHz and disabled the printer driver spooler (I've seen on a forum that it may help) but the problem is still here.

    My test program just make it blink LEDS. It blinked once when I download and debug but after I receive the error message.

    Any idea about a solution that may help ??

    Thank you very much


  • The problem was only due to the NMI_b pin connected to GND... 
    Sorry !

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