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IEEE-695 file format support by ICD32Z and USB-ML-16/32
. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
Staff: Johnny N.

  • QUOTE (rkaur @ Sep 30 2011, 02:41 AM) [legacy comment]
    Can I debug the code in flash memory using ICD32Z and USB-ML-16/32 for microcontroller 68332? Can I put breakpoints and single step through the code in flash memory?

    Yes, you can debug code on a 683XX/CPU32 in sram or flash memory using the ICD32Z and the USB-ML-16/32. You can single step, multiple step, create macros to setup mcu registers automatically, and execute code.

    The CPU32 architecture does not support hardware breakpoints except via the BKPT pin. Also, you can not set software breakpoints in the debugger if your code resides in Flash/EEPROM. To get around this limitation of the CPU32 architecture, you can add a background stop instruction (BGND) to your code where you want a breakpoint and recompile it. After you reprogram the new code to Flash/EEPROM, you will be able to run at full speed in ICD and stop at the desired address. If running at full speed is not a requirement, you can use the Gotilrom [address] command which does a series of single-steps until the address is in your program counter.

    P&E Technical Support


  • QUOTE (rkaur @ Sep 26 2011, 05:14 AM) [legacy comment]
    Do ICD32Z and USB-ML-16/32 support IEEE-695 file format for source level debugging for microcontroller 68332 ?

    Hello Rajvinder,

    ICD32Z will load IEEE695 debug files but we are no longer actively supporting
    this format. The support for IEEE695 is provided 'as is'. I recommend that you
    move to the ELF/DWARF 2.0 format. If you send us your debug file, we can
    test it. Please open a support ticket by going to Support tab -> Support Requests -> Report a Product bug or Problem.

    P&E Technical Support

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