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CASM08Z crashes under Win 7 (x64)
Neil T. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • I've got some legacy code (5+ years old) that I need to recompile after a couple minor tweaks.
    I had written it to compile using CASM08Z, via a command line call in Notepad++.
    However, I have a new development system running Win7 64-bit.

    When I execute the compile command I get the following error:
    CASM for Windows
    Access violation at address 00056B41 in module 'CASM08Z.EXE'. Read of address 20202020.

    Pressing OK closes the error, but nothing is compiled. Sometimes there are also access violation errors when closing CASM08Z. I just re-installed the latest version of pkg08sz which claims compatibility with Win 7. What can I do to fix this and compile my code?


  • Never mind, I found the problem.

    Somewhere in the migration from one system to the other (and one type of source control to another) the End of Line characters got screwed up. They were LF only, and not the CR/LF that is the Windows standard format. After converting the EOL characters back to Win format, the code compiled fine.

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