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Serial Number Programming with Serializer
. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • I am attempting to program an S12X part using the P&E USB Multilink Interface and Prog12z. 

    I have made a .cfg file to program a .abs.glo file onto the part and I run this all from a batch file. This seems to work quite well and now I am planning on using the Serializer Utility to create a serial number and add a step into this .cfg file to program a 4 byte serial number into the part as well.

    I have two main questions:

    1) The Starting Address field in the Serializer tool - does it require a logical address or a global address - I would assume Global as it needs to ensure it addresses the correct page?

    2) Is there a way to program this serial number in when the part is first programmed and then somehow 'lock' those 4 bytes so that any subsequent firmware that is programmed onto the part ignores those 4 bytes and allows us to retain the serial number?

    thanks smile.gif


  • I am also having an issue that when I attempt to use the CS command to pull in the Serial File, it errors on me with error code 53. Attempting to load the Serial file through the Prog12z GUI instead also errors, with the message "Error reading the file"

    Any ideas?

  • Ok - so I have this working - except for point 2 in the initial post.

    Anyone any ideas about locking the bytes?

  • Hello Matt,

    1) Your object file and the serial file must use global addressing.

    2) You can modify your algorithm to preserve memory ranges. The software looks at the range to be preserved, saves it, and restores it after the Flash/EEPROM has been erased." target="_blank">

    P&E Technical Support

  • Thanks :-)

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