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Programming a MPC 5567
Enrico S. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Hi!

    i got a problem with the ICDPPCNEXUS Debugger.
    I want to debug the c-code but the debugger only shows the disassembly :/

    To switch between source/assembly in the code windows does not change anything and when i try to load a source file it shows me the list of all files included in my project but when i try to open one of them the error 'Code Window : Couldn't find source code file' appears in the status windows.

    Don't know what to do. I need to debug this code but the debugger seems not to be able to shows it correctly sad.gif

    Is this a bug or my fault?

    BTW yesterday the debugger managed to shows the source code, but only once a time (i didn't change any settings!)
    After editing my code and reload it to my uC the debugger didn't shows the source again.


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