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MCF5445x - force background mode
. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
No staff assigned yet

  • Hi vvs,

    I haven't heard of a case where a ColdFire device needs to be configured to serial boot mode in order to force the processor into debug mode. A few things that may be worth trying:

    1) Lower the BDM_SPEED frequency in the Connection Manager that first appears when you run the software.
    2) Try switching between the flat 26-pin ribbon cable and the CABLE-CF ADAPTER (it has a circuit board on one end) cable
    3) Use a scope / probe to look for the following startup sequence:

    - BKPT, DSI, and DSCLK are pulled low
    - RESET is driven low for 20+ ms and then is released
    - PST[3:0] should all be high at this point

    Best regards,


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