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error when running debugger
Wei Z. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Hi,

    I can't enter debugger window by clicking F5 after MAKING my M68HC908GT8 codes, it pops a messege: 'Elf-loader Error while writing to E000 ...E006"

    I checked .map file and found E000...E006 was assigned as flash section(ROM). Everything seems OK, and this debug function is actually good several monthes ago. Anyone can give me some suggestions?

    Currently I am using CW IDE V5.2.1149. It's also OK if I do the same operation when I use CW IDE V5.9.0.



  • Hello Wei,

    What is the version of Codewarrior IDE that you are using? Is it 5.0? 5.1? 6.0? 6.2? 6.3? You can usually tell it by the name of the directory where the Codewarrior IDE product is installed.

    Are you trying to start a full chip simulation session or are you actually trying to connect the the device?

    What is the exact name of the hardware interface that you are using, if any?

    The error you are getting is thrown by Codewarrior. It might mean that this section of memory is not configured to be writable in your project. You might want to post this issue directly on Freescale forum to see if Freescale moderators can provide you with any feedback." target="_blank">

    Best Regards,

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