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Swtiching from Hs08/HSC12 Rev C programmer to multilink universal
Bill D. Feb 16, 2021 at 05:23 PM (17:23 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • We are replacing the HCS08 programmer with the universal one.  I have updated the multilink universal programmer firmware.  When I run the PROG 12Z software it will not connect to the uprocessor to program.  I did notice that the HCS08 programmer is still selected in the drop down menu and there is no selection for the multilink universal.  Do I need to move some drivers around in order to for the software to recognize the new programmer?  Thanks.


  • Greetings,

    With the new programmer, you will most likely need to update the software. To confirm your USB drivers are all good, download and install the USB Multilink resource CD and use the firmware update/config utility and connect your multilink with the utility. If the multilink is detected and you see the force firmware update success, then we know everything with drivers and your hardware are fine:

    Resource CD:

    Based on our release notes for both PROG12Z and PROGHCS08 software, the minimum version to support rev D multilink universal is:

    PROG12Z v6.94.00.00
    26 July 2018
    - Support for USB ML Universal Rev D
    - Support for USB ML Universal FX Rev C
    - Support for Intel HEX Extended Address Memory

    Check the software versions you have and see if you have 6.94 or higher. If not, then you should purchase a license for each software you require. We have free software upgrades within 1 year of purchase, but it is likely your software purchase was later than 1 year if it does not detect your multilink universal.

    Note, that we have switched to hardware licenses which are licenses that are stored inside the multilink. This allows for any computer and user to use the license as long as the multilink with the license is connected.


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