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Can't erase flash using the Freescale_9S12DJ64_1x16x512_1k_EEPROM.12p Algorithm
Larry S. Feb 8, 2021 at 07:24 PM (19:24 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • When attempting to use 'Freescale_9S12DJ64_1x16x512_1k_EEPROM.12p' on a 'MC9S12DJ64CFUE' processor using PROG12Z with a Multilink it did not do anything.  We thought that it would erase the byte at the address input when queried by PROG12Z but it did not.  We see no error messages and it would appear to have done it until we look at the data in the location that we thought was to be erased but saw no difference in the data.  Any suggestions?  This is for an engineering study that we are conducting on our product that we have been producing and successfully programing for years.  This is our first attempt at trying to just erase an area of the memory.


  • Greetings,

    Could you detail to me what commands you selected after loading the algorithm?
    And what address did you input? Logical address, or physical address? If you open the algorithm file in a text editor, you will see comments at top of what the address range for physical addressing looks like.

    All of our tools for HC12 is in physical addressing.


    • I selected the SE command from the list on screen.  It prompted me for the address range.
      I specified addresses within the address range shown in the command line, 0-3FF.
      I did not use leading “0x” and all address values were in hex and were physical.

    • What we would like to achieve is after our product has been through test and data has been put into the 1k EEPROM area, is to go in and replace the fault data with all zeroes, specifically, at addresses 0x80 though 0xBB of a 'MC9S12DJ64CFUE' processor.  This will allow us to clear the fault data but keep the calibration data that gets stored in the 1k EEPROM area as well.

  • Greetings,

    A better solution may be then to use the preserve range solution, which requires a quick change in the algorithm you can do:


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