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CPROGACMP returning code 70
Tim F. Nov 12, 2020 at 04:16 PM (16:16 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I'm trying to script CPROGACMP like we script CPROG32Z.
    I've created a small batch file to get at return code (%errorlevel%).
    Return code is 70, from the User manual, this implies another CPROGACMP is running.
    But as far as I can tell, it isn't.
    I've done fresh reboot. Running Windows 10 with corporate limits.
    I've run as admin & without. Always getting return code of 70.
    Batch file:
    c:\PEMicro\PROGACMP\cprogacmp peprog Interface=USBMULTILINK Port=USB1
    if errorlevel 1 goto bad
    goto good
    echo %errorlevel%
    Echo Done.


    • Did you confirm via Task Manager that you have no other instances of the cprogacmp.exe process running?

  • NO other instances.

    C:\Workspaces\RMS\WDM_BBB>c:\PEMicro\PROGACMP\cprogacmp peprog Interface=USBMULTILINK Port=USB1

    C:\Workspaces\RMS\WDM_BBB>if errorlevel 1 goto bad

    C:\Workspaces\RMS\WDM_BBB>echo 70

    C:\Workspaces\RMS\WDM_BBB>Echo Done.

    • Does CPROG32Z work fine on this PC?

  • From a batch file, yes it appears to.
    From how I typically program, yes cprog32z works as expected. I even swapped out FX to a Rev A.
    Also Progacmp (windows app) does work. With rev B FX (not rev A).

    • Please add a ! after cprogacmp to keep the window open so we can see if there are any additional error messages.

      cprogacmp ! peprog Interface=USBMULTILINK Port=USB1

  • Ah.
    "Error - No target processor was selected.
    Please use the :DEVICE command in the configuration (CFG) file.
    ERROR 70 during script!"

    Looks like error 70 & the user manual are in conflict.

    Does the config file need to be a ".cfg"?

    • It might be an issue with the commands in your config file. Can you post it?

  • in my peprog (config file):
    RE                        ;Reset MCU
    CM C:\PEMicro\PROGACMP\supportFiles_ARM\Infineon\XMC4700\infineon_XMC4700-2048_1x32x512k.arp ;Enable Flash at 0
    EM                        ;Erase Module
    BM                        ;Blank Check Module
    SS C:\Workspaces\RMS\WDM_BBB\Debug\WDM_BBB.hex         ;Specify S19
    RE                        ;Reset MCU
    GO ;

    • You're missing the :device command in your config. That should be the first command. Please refer to the example configuration file in the manual CPROGACMP user guide pdf.

      The first RE is also usually unnecessary. CPROGACMP already does a reset before going into debug mode.

  • Looking promising ...
    Why ":DEVICE" and CM ... line? They seem highly related.
    Using PROGACMP to program a board & using Infineon DAVE with a XMC Link, the XMC Link appears to be much faster. Can PROGACMP & FX be sped up?

    • It looks like there was a conflict with error 70. We will pick a new error number for the issue of the missing :device command.

      The :DEVICE command tells our PROG how to enter debug mode while CM tells PROG how to program the flash (the arp files contains the flash programming code). They are two different issues.

      What is the programming rate that you are getting with the XMC Link vs with the USB-ML-UNVIERSAL-FX? Which revision of the FX are you using?

      • Were you able to resolve all your issues? Do you have any other questions?

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