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error 51 in CPROGACMP
omer t. Aug 2, 2017 at 01:25 PM (13:25 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • hello,

    im using keil IDE version and atmel SAMC20 mcu.
    as a debugger and flash programmer i use the multilink universal FX.

    when i try to enter debug mode or to programm the flash of the device,
    i recieve the following error on the CPROGACMP window:
    "ERROR 51 during programming! click abort to continue"

    how do i fix this problem?

    thank you,


  • Omer, 

    What hardware interface are you using? i.e. Multilink. Cyclone etc

    It is possible that you are trying to talk to the part at too high of a shift frequency

    • hello kevin,

      first of all thank you for the quick reply.
      i am using the multilink universal FX (i wrote it above).

      the frequency of the debug shift speed is set to

      "(4) : Multilink = 0.20Mhz, Multilink FX = 5.00Mhz, OSJTAG = 0.25Mhz"

      if i try the same operation again, it works on the second or third time i try.

  • Omer,

    As I understand your issue the programming of the device is inconsistent?

    Has this behavior changed?



    • hi kevin,

      it is inconsistent, but no, it did not changed.
      it also happens to us on with 2 different multilink universal FX devices and on different PC's with same keil on them, and on several samc mcu's

  • Omer,

    Can you try to run this experiment on a development board to rule out bad hardware?



    • hello kevin,

      i tried it on the SAMC21 Xplained pro EVB (which is the EVB of my mcu) and i get the same problem.

  • Omer,

    Can you send me your project?

    kevin (dot) meyer (at) pemicro (dot) com

  • hi Kevin,

    im sorry, but i cannot.

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