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MCF5272 processor flash programming
Ms S. Feb 25, 2021 at 12:34 AM (00:34 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I have purchased multilink Universal probe and PROGACMP software. I need to program external flash interfaced to MCF5272 processor. But the device is not listed in the dropdown menu of the PE Micro connection manager utility. How to enable that option in the software. 

    If that option is not available please suggest which debugger/software we need to purchase


    • Dear Ms,

      You are using the wrong software. PROGACMP can only program ARM Cortex Microcontrollers.

      Which Universal Multilink revision do you have? Depending on which revision you have, you will get a hardware or software license. The Rev letter is on the back sticker label.

      If you have a Universal Multilink Rev A or Rev B, you should buy PROG-LEGACY-CFZ. If you have a Universal Multilink Rev C or Rev D, you should buy PROG-HL-CFZ.

      Send an email to and a sales member will help you place your order for the correct license.

      The USB Multilink Universal also needs the CABLE-CF-ADAPTER board to communicate with a ColdFire MCF5272. Did you purchase that?


      • Do you have any other questions?

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