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MultiLink Universal disconnect after running
Mohamed T. Apr 15, 2020 at 03:40 PM (15:40 hours)
Staff: Mika I.

  • Dear, 

    I am using MultiLink Universal port B to connect to S32K148.
    It flashes alright but after a few minutes, it disconnects and doesn't connect again except randomly.
    I have connected all Pins to port B except !TRST, I can't figure our to which pin it should be connected to the MCU.
    Nonetheless, it flashed the software few times already but the connection gets interrupted, can you help me figure out the issue, please?


  • Hi Mohamed,

    Based on what you're saying about it intermittently connecting, I wonder if your board has an external watchdog or other reset circuitry that's causing your board to periodically reset. If you have access to an oscilloscope, you can try to monitor your reset (~RESET) pin to see if it's toggling when the Multilink and your board lose connection.

    TRST is the reset line for the JTAG module, so you shouldn't need it, especially if you are using SWD, which I recommend you use.


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