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Multilink Universal FX Rev A on WIN-7 with unsecure_12
John D. Nov 9, 2019 at 03:07 PM (15:07 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • My Rev A version works fine with on my WIN-7 workstation and unsecure12 Version 1.10.  The Jungo USB Multilink 2.0 Driver Version 29/08/2012 works fine on the Workstation. Also for Prog12Z from within CodeWarrior 5.2 fr SX12.

    Here's the USB info onthe workstation created by USBDeview.exe.

    USB-ML-FX (12) Rev A   USB Multilink 2.0   Vendor Specific   Yes   Yes   No   No      PE5750602   09/11/2019 3:06:06 AM   09/11/2019 10:50:26 AM   1357   0503   2.00   ff   ff   ff      CORSAIR            WinDriver6      windrvr6.sys   Jungo   P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc.   448 mA   2.00   USB Multilink 2.0   Install   oem112.inf   USB\VID_1357&PID_0503\PE5750602   Removable, UniqueID, SurpriseRemovalOK   

    But plug it into my WIN-7 laptop and it can't be found by unsecure12. On the WIN-7 laptop USBDeview.exe reports:

    USB-ML-FX (12) Rev A   USB Multilink 2.0   Vendor Specific   Yes   Yes   No   No      PE5750602   09/11/2019 1:23:31 AM   09/11/2019 11:50:40 AM   1357   0503   2.00   ff   ff   ff      FLIPPER-IV            WinDriver6      windrvr6.sys   Jungo   P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc.   448 mA   2.00   USB Multilink 2.0   Install   oem195.inf   USB\VID_1357&PID_0503\PE5750602   Removable, UniqueID, SurpriseRemovalOK   

    Searching through the forum posts I see that Rev A can't work on WIN-10 so I'll probably have to trade it in anyway since trying to get it running on WIN-10 resulted in similar issues. Hence the step back to see if I could work with my WIN-7 laptop at least.

    And that has failed so is the Rev A just not compatible with the driver?

    The WIN-10 installation is for my client and they will be buying the latest Multilink-UNiversal-FX but turns out that although I requested this a few weeks ago they haven't ordered theirs yet (or their copy of PROG12Z). So on Tuesday after Rememberance Day I'll get on them for that.

    Meanwhile, do I need to get the driver install zip for the WIN-7 laptop to get it to function with unsecure12?


    • John,

      I tried to replicate your setup as closely as possible and I didn't see any issues. The multilink was detected and I was able to unsecure my 9s12xe board. I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64.

      Within Device Manager on your Windows 7 laptop, do you see the following
      Jungo -> WinDriver ( 10/26/2014)
      Jungo -> USB Multilink 2.0 ( 11/30/2017)


      • I just broke unsecure12 on my workstation by accidentally deleting the windriver.  Thought I was remote desktop'd into the laptop but not it appears. I re-installed the driverd so now I can program the 9S12 with the Rev A MultiLink FX but I can't unsecure12 it.

        This link shows that the device can be enumerated since the serial # shows up.

        But with unsecure12.exe I get this:

        I will try removing all traces of the drivers from my Win-7 Pro laptop. Download fresh copies of the drivers from your site and start over. With windows reboot before I start.

        Kind of strange that unsercure12 can't find the device. That the WinDriver is now which was working no longer appears to work is very strange.

        • Alright.  Things are working.
          In device manager I removed both drivers under Jungo and unplugged the Multilink FX.
          I uninstalled the unsecure application.
          I deleted the folders and the older msi install utility.
          Then downloaded, (again), the unsecure12 install utility.
          Now plug in the mulitlink FX and once the drivers are install it's found by unsecure12. And also by PROG12. It was found by PROG12 before. Just not unsecure12.
          I then ran the same process on the WIN-7 Pro workstation. Success there too.
          The WIN-10 laptop is next but as I understand it the Rev A multilink FX is useless for that.
          So if I buy a new Multilink FX (Rev D) do I get like a credit on my VISA when I return it or do I have to send it back first?

          • Hi John,

            Yes the Rev A is not supported on Windows 10. If you want you can trade in the Multilink FX Rev A for a credit towards the Multilink FX Rev C.


            The part number is TRADEIN-MLUFX-MLUFX. You'll get a discount of $150 on the new Multilink FX. Place your purchase on the trade in site first. We will email you a RMA number and instructions on how to ship the device back to us. Once we receive the old unit, we will ship the new unit and charge your credit card $399-$150=$249.

            Trade ins are handled by our sales team so if you have any questions about the process please feel free to send an email to

            PEmicro Support

            • I can't be without mine for any length of time so I'll arrange to have a second one purchased.   Interesting that the Rev A Multilink FX can unsecure on a WIN-10 Pro laptop.  Yet the PEMicro page I referenced above doesn't show the device on WIN-10.  Maybe explains why I've had so much trouble getting unsecure to work on WIN-7?
              Thanks for the help. I'll be in touch with sales.

              • Hi John,

                It looks like you had a mix of different versions of our drivers on your Win-7 PC. Unsecure12 most likely had some compatibility issues with one of the versions that WinDriver or USB Multilink 2.0 was using. Deleting and then reinstalling everything updated you to the latest. Let me know if you need anything else.


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