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Programming Support for the NXP S32V234 SoC
Trent W. Apr 25, 2016 at 11:19 AM (11:19 hours)
Staff: Juan S.

  • Can the Multilink Universal FX be used for the following on an NXP S32V234 SoC?

    1. Program the onboard 96KB of boot ROM?

    2. Program the device's eFuses?

    3. Program an eMMC flash device that is connected to the address/data bus? I don't have a specific device at the moment but can get that later if it's necessary.

    If I am understanding information on your website correctly, all programming tasks can be done on both the Multilinks and the standalone programmers equally using the appropriate programming algorithm. Is that correct? I understand that debuggers are not suited for production programming. I'm just thinking about what all we need to support both dev/test and manufacturing programming.

    Finally, which version of your flash programming software would be required for the S32V234 and is there an evaluation version available?

    Thank you for the help.



  • Hi Trent, 

    1. As far as I understand, the 96 KB of boot ROM on the S32V234 cannot be changed outside of the NXP factory. I believe it is read-only memory.

    2. We currently do not have the capability to modify the eFuses.

    3. Are you intending to mount the eMMC as a drive so that you can drag/drop files into it? or are you planning to program raw data directly using the eMMC? Can you please describe how your ideal solution is for programming the eMMC?

    • Thank you for the prompt response Juan.

      1. Ok, that makes sense.

      2. Are you aware of any (low cost) options for doing this other than the very expensive Lauterbach debugger?

      3. I'll provide more details on this one soon.



    • Hi Juan
      We plan to program raw data into eMMC directly and use it as the bootup device. Did you have any sample scripts for flashing UBoot (and possibly Linux kernel) into eMMC using CYCLONE programmer?


      • Could someone please respond to Alekh's question?  I work with Alekh and he was following up on our topic.



      • Hi Alekh, 

        We do not have any sample scripts for flashing UBoot into eMMC using CYCLONE programmer. We are also looking for such scripts so that we can determine if it is feasible to develop the functionality for the CYCLONE programmer.

        • Hi Juan
          Thanks for your reply. Please let us know if/when you have access to the scripts and corresponding functionality in Cyclone programmer.

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