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mpc880 by BDM Multilink
Oleg K. Apr 30, 2021 at 06:42 AM (06:42 hours)
Staff: Takao Y.

  • Hello,

    I need to program JS28F256 with MPC880CVR133
    I have USB-ML-PPCBDM interface.
    Can I do that and what programming software and algorithm I need?

    Thank you.


  • Greetings,

    The software you need is PROG PPCZ:

    The algorithm will have to be custom since the way your external flash is connected to the MPC880 may be unique. So after you purchase the software, go to Support page -> Support requests and submit a ticket for custom algo. There you need to detail how the external flash is connected. A schematic would be even better.

    I see that you purchased ICD PPCZ before, are you able to connect to this board and your multilink using ICD PPCZ?


  • Thank you for the fast reply. 
    You have been mistaken a bit. I get ICDPPCZ with trial license for test.
    I successfully connect my device by multilink but my customer decided do not continue that project. So the need to purchase the program has disappeared due to the lack of a budget.
    I currently have several devices that need to be reprogrammed. The customer is ready to pay for it if it is successful. And then I will have the budget to buy the program. To do this, I must first try, but I'm not sure of success, since it will be difficult to provide a schematic diagram. This is because the processor has a BGA package.
    Could you provide the program with a temporary license for testing, like the earlier one?

  • By adding, I can not see USB-ML-PPCBDM interface as a suitable interface for PROGPPCZ in Compatible Hardware table. It is exactly suitable?

  • Greetings,

    As long as your USB ML PPCBDM is not a rev A (find revision on back sticker) then you should be fine.

    I cannot provide a temporary license. Sorry.

    And without proper schematic our algo engineers will not have enough information to write up an algorithm for you. I would start here and make sure you have a proper schematic from the people who created this board. Without this, you will not find a solution anywhere that can help you.


    • Some extra questions:

      1. If the symbols in the debugger are displayed in the same way as they are written in the flash, does this confirm that the flash is connected to the processor as standard way?

      2. Is the existing standard algorithm 28F256J3F suitable for writing my INTEL JS28F256J3F105

      3. Does writing a custom algorithm require additional payment?

  • Greetings,

    1) If the programmed flash is the same object file as the one you loaded into the debug software, then it is supposed to match. It may mean that reading memory is working fine, but it does not prove that writing will work. It just means the data lines and chip select (CS) are probably connected the default way. Address lines is still not proven yet.

    2) I don't know. Standard algo just defaults to CS0 and standard Address and data connections. If you have anything custom than that, then it requires a custom algo.

    3) No extra costs, but we require partial schematic so we know the CS, address, and data lines that are connected.


  • Still waiting for PI approval

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