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How can I Get the checksum data By Cyclone Pro Without Programming
Ellen L. Jan 5, 2018 at 02:06 AM (02:06 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • How to Get the Checksum Value by Cyclone Pro with MCU


  • Dear PE Micro :

    How Could i get the Checksum Value by Cyclone Pro with MCU , VC Only Check the Checksum , I Need to know this value .

    i want to read the checksum with product ( has already programming & MP ) and tell Customer's product line . let them check the other product is right , no issue , could you tell me how to do ? Thanks a lot !!

    • Install the latest cyclone pro software:

      The Cyclone Pro generates a checksum of the SAP image and S19 during download and stores the value in memory. You can configure the Cyclone Pro to display these value on the LCD screen.

      To display the checksum open the Cyclone Pro IP Setup Utility. Then in the LCD Home Screen Display Selection add Cyclone Ethernet IP, Cyclone Name, Total Number of Images, Images Selected with Description, and the CRC value you want. Click OK and your Cyclone Pro will be configured with the new display options.

      There are multiple crc values that you can select:
      Image CRC32 (this is the CRC of the SAP image)
      Object File CRC (this is the CRC of first S19 file in your SAP image)
      Object File CRC calculated from target
      Whole Device CRC of Image
      Whole Device CRC calculates from target (this is the CRC of the whole chip)


  • Dear PnE , 

    Thanks a lot !! Has already solve the problem !!

    Thanks a for your help ~

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