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Cyclone USB Driver Did not initialize (20000021) WDAPI900.DLL
Jay M. May 7, 2017 at 03:10 PM (15:10 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Windows 7 Professional - 64 bit
    Old version of CodeWarrior 6.2 (5.0.9 Build 2830) to support code that fails on later releases
    Target processor HSC08
    Multilink Universal Rev A

    We have had no problems in the past in flashing code with this computer. But now we are getting the message that the USB driver did not initialize. The device driver shows the 2 drivers installed and a status of 'working properly'. Multilink Blue and Yellow lights are on. But running CodeWarrior Debug (F5) mode, says the driver did not initialize. Message states to 'disconnect/connect USB cable and click refresh list (FAQ #29)'. Doing this is the same result.

    Tried the CW 6.3 patch to see if it would resolve this. Patch caused the following error message when entering debug mode to flash code: HIWAVE - Failed to Initialize P&E Connection. So we went back to the original Prog/P&E directory.

    This version of CW is not available so we have no other computer to build this software on. So moving to a different computer is not an option. Tried resetting the computer. Uninstalled and reinstalled the Multilink software package. Using different USB ports. None of this works.

    Don't know why this problem started when it has worked fine in the past. Have not loaded other software although Windows 7 updates have occurred.

    Really stuck right now as we are trying to update the firmware in a few products and are unable to flash the HSC08 processor. We have used this Multilink on a different computer to flash an HCS12XD that is on the same PCB as the HSC08 and that update went fine. So we know the Multilink Unversal is operating.

    Can use some ideas of tracking down this failure to initialize USB driver that is operating properly according to the device manager.


  • Jay,

    please email me at kevin (dot) meyer (at)

    I would like to remote into your machine and look around

    • Email sent to kevin <.> meyer at with dial in telephone number. HSC08 connected to Universal Mulitlink (Blue + Yellow lights on) and development system connected to the Internet. Failure to connect message in Code Warrior Debug mode for flashing. USB drivers installed and reporting working normally.

  • resolved by updating driver

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