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Cyclone Universal FX Target Power protection?
Noah Z. May 4, 2016 at 10:11 AM (10:11 hours)
Staff: Huajun L.

  • I just got the Cyclone FX and it is working great so far. 

    One question about the Target power options. The manual states:
    "The Cyclone Universal FX can provide 1.6V-5.2V power to the target..." "...specifically designed with features like voltage protection technology..."

    I want to use the ImageCreationUtility to use "Internal Power" to set "Target Power Pin" (jumpers 3,2, and 1) but sometimes we leave things plugged in while we program and they may sometimes already have power.

    Is there voltage protection that can detect if the device is already powered, or just protection to prevent catastrophic failure?

    Thanks, noah

    random side note: I did have one "GSOB" Green Screen o' Bootloader when formatting a SD card. I ran ManageImages.exe and that fixed the problem by "updating" my firmware and I can no longer reproduce the "GSOB".


    • Hi Noah,

      The Cyclone Universal FX has zener and shottky barrier diodes for protection against catastrophic failure due to transient overvoltage such as from ESD. It cannot detect if the device is already powered. However this is an interesting feature and we will investigate if it is feasible to add it.

      Please let us know if you run into the bootloader screen issue again.


    • Noah,

      We had a good laugh about the GSOB (Green Screen of Bootloader) comment in your post (clever name!). We did investigate this and there is a scenario where the resident application can erase itself upon a specific error scenario. We have corrected this and it will release in the next firmware release. 9.73.

      In terms of looking to see if a target is powered first, this is tricky because sometimes targets are partially powered when they are connected to other things. So, to not power them may not be ideal. We have found the power generation on the Cyclone Universal FX to be quite sturdy.



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