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Problem of programming K22FN512M12
Ran S. Feb 22, 2016 at 04:24 AM (04:24 hours)
Staff: Kevin M.

  • Hi,

    My situation is

    I need to create a SAP file for K22FN512VLL12.
    I use cyclone max image creation utility version
    Firstly I select CM->Choose Algorithm - freescale_k22fn512m12_1x32x128k_pflash.arp
    then select SS->specify object code
    Then I cannot find the sequence of "Erase Module","Program Module".
    Only "PT-Program Trim", "VM-Verify Module","VR-Verify Range","SD-SECURE DEVICE","RE-Reset","DE-Delay","GO-Run","CS-Choose Serial File","PS-Program Serial Number" left.

    I don't know what happened and what should I do.
    I tried other chips like K22DNxxxx, K22FXxxxx, they were all OK to have "Erase Module" and "Program Module".

    I need some help.



  • Ran,

    I can confirm your issue and I an looking into a solution.



  • Ran,

    I emailed you an updated algorithm to resolve your issue.



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