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Mega copy support.
stef s. May 16, 2020 at 07:45 AM (07:45 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • I have a few questions for you, concerning my Megacopy:
    it is for cloning chips ( imobilisers)

    1-Instead of the TPX 1, 2 or 3, I use the CN 1 &2 chips, which are much cheaper.
    Only for the ID 48, I use my Silca RW 4 machine or the Keyline Mini machine. with which I have to use the very expensive GKM chip of keyline.
    Is there already a possibility to copy the id 48 with the Megacopy ?
    And is there software available to copy it on a CN (5 or 6 ?) chip ?
    2-is there a possibilty to copy the 48A chip (for Chrysler / Daewoo, Kia ) ?
    3-I have bought from you, a few years ago, the software to copy the Mazda chip ( 8 c proton).
    Is the chip already available ?
    Regards , Stef


    • Greetings,

      You contacted the wrong company (we are P&E Microcomputer Systems). Megacopy is not our product.

      PEMicro Support

  • Sorry 'bout that. thank you.

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