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Connection via ethernet
Vadim T. Nov 8, 2020 at 07:40 AM (07:40 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Good day. When connect cyclone via rj45 and start control gui - software shows static ip, but can not connect to cyclone universal. 

    Attempting to connect to Cyclone...
    Error connecting to Cyclone
    Can not establish a connection with specified Cyclone

    How to solve this ? Thx


  • Vadim,

    Which Cyclone product do you have?

    Is the Cyclone connected to a network switch?

    Please try USB first and let me know if you are able to connect to the Cyclone successfully with the cycloneControlGUI utility.

    PEmicro Support

  • i have LC Universal
    yes connected to rj45 port to laptop
    usb works perfect without issues with all software

    • Vadim,

      Did you see any lights blinking on the ethernet port of the Cyclone indicating there is network activity?

      Can you try connecting the Cyclone LC Univ to a network switch instead of directly to your laptop?


  • yes, rj45 lamps are blinking green/yellow
    where should i find network switch not clear till the end, thx

    • Can you email us the output of ipconfig from your laptop?

      Start -> Run cmd.exe -> ipconfig.exe

      Can you email us the Properties tab from your Cyclone-LC-Univ in the CycloneControlGUI? Use USB to get the information for now.

      Our email is

  • i wrote email. there is silence from there
    what step by step ethernet connection or cyclone should be recognized by static adress through rj45 laptop ?

  • Solved. Thanks

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