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Error at the end of download program, related to .APR file.
Sarah W. Oct 13, 2020 at 09:05 PM (21:05 hours)
Staff: Mika I.

  • Hi,

    I am working on NXP S32DS to develop for KEAZ128 and using a PEMicro Multilink Universal module to debug. PE works very well all the time, but recently I can't download successfully and the log as below.

    Could you please give me any suggestion about this problem?

    Connection from "" via
    Connection from "" via
    PE-ERROR: Warning. Can't read registers while part is running.
    PE-ERROR: Warning. Can't read registers while part is running.
    Telnet server running on
    Copyright 2012 P&E Microcomputer Systems,Inc.
    Command Line :C:\NXP\S32DS_ARM_v2.0\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.pne_3.1.1.201708081924\win32\pegdbserver_console -device=NXP_KEx_S9KEAZ128M4 -startserver -singlesession -serverport=7224 -gdbmiport=6224 -interface=USBMULTILINK -speed=5000 -p?


    Target has been RESET and is active.
    CMD>CM C:\NXP\S32DS_ARM_v2.0\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.pne_3.1.1.201708081924\win32\gdi\P&E\supportFiles_ARM\NXP\KEx\freescale_s9keaz128m4_pflash.arp


    ;version 1.03, 06/02/2014, Copyright 2014 P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. [ke_128k_pflash_ftmre_m0]

    ;device freescale, s9keaz128m4, pflash

    ;begin_cs device=$00000000, length=$00020000, ram=$20000000

    Loading programming algorithm ...

    WARNING - Selected .ARP file has been modified. CRC16 = $2AD1
    Command is inactive for this .ARP file.

    Command is inactive for this .ARP file.
    Error Erasing flash of device
    Error occured during Flash programming.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Can you confirm that you have the latest PEmicro plug-in installed in S32DS? You can check by going to Help -> Install New Software and clicking "What is already installed?" near the bottom right of the window. Let me know if "GNU ARM PEMicro Interface Debugging Support" shows up, and if so, what version it is. I believe the latest is v4.7.8.


    • Hi Mika,

      Thank you for your suggestion. The problem is not caused by PEmicro version.

      This is because that the SBC UJA1167 on my board is in relaease mode when I debug.

      After I reset the SBC enter into forced normal mode, the download is OK.

      • pin RSTN is held LOW
      • CANH is pulled up to VBAT
      • CANL is pulled down to GND

      Above actions for 1~2s can make a SBC system reset.

      Best regrads,


      • Hi Sarah,

        I see. Thanks for that information. It sounds like the SBC has a watchdog that might be resetting the KEAZ part in release mode. If you'd like, you can open a Support Request ( with us and mention my name. There, I'd like you to send me some information about how the KEAZ and SBC chips are connected, and I'll see if we can add this reset procedure into the algorithm.

        Best Regards,

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