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Flashing Internal Memory of Bosch GS19 MPC555 TCM through DataLink Connector? (06 Nissan 350z)
Garrett S. Oct 10, 2020 at 07:03 PM (19:03 hours)
Staff: Johnny N.

  • Hello all!

    Would anyone happen to know if any of the current algorithms for MPC555 would work to flash to the 448kb internal memory of a Bosch TCM? If one of the current algorithms would work, would there be a way to utilize them through the datalink connector in my vehicle? I was able to dump the ROM/memory through the K-line using the same software I use to tune my ECU. Would the algorithm be able to be ran sorta like a kernel? Because that's how the software is able to flash to the ECU, so it would need to run a kernel in order to flash to the TCM.

    The only information I was able to get from the hex was "Bosch GS19 - MPC555 CC_OFF - BB020209.BDM_RBWerk - 1270H00114 - ERCOSEK V3.0.11 OAK (C) ETAS Feb 25/2000"


    • Hi Garrett,

      We can't answer any questions that are specifically related to a feature on the Bosch TCM or your vehicle. We are not familiar with either and it would be way outside the scope of support we can provide. Please be aware that auto manufacturers, in many cases, design in features that make it harder to reflash their boards for safety reasons. We do not provide any assistance in how to bypass these features.

      I can only answer general questions about our flash programming support of the MPC555. You can program the internal CMF memory modules of the MPC555 with our tools. It can be done with the CYCLONE-LC-UNIV or CYCLONE-FX-UNIV. See:

      Our flash programming algorithm are written in assembly. What happens is the Cyclone communicates with the MPC555 to get it into debug mode. When you select a command in our software (erase, program, verify, etc.), the Cyclone downloads the routines for that operation to the MPC555 internal SRAM. The routines are executed out of internal SRAM and the Cyclone waits for the micro to complete the operation by periodically polling a status bit in a register or waiting some amount of time.

      We have a FAQ on the MPC555 that may be relevant to you.

      PEmicro Support

      • Thank you for the quick response! Yea I didn't expect much, but I really appreciate you taking the time to provide some general information!

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