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flash .phy file
. migrated on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 AM
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  • Hi tech_frank,

    Could you tell us which microcontroller you are currently working with? In your flash programming procedure, do you perform a "Verify Module" to make sure that the data is being downloaded properly?

    Could there be any additional dynamic data (such as serial numbers or MAC addresses) that need to be downloaded in order for your application to work?

    If you get stuck, you may need to get a debugger in order to step through your code to see why it is not behaving properly. The advantage of using a debugger is that you can systematically track down the bug without having to continually "guess" what the issue could be.

    Best regards,


  • tf:
    Just checking the basics. What programmer hardware are you using and what tool chain do you use to run it?

    Here's a very basic one. PROG12Z doesn't automatically erase or blank-check your part. You have to click Erase Module before programming.


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