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FAQ ID # 94
I have secured my MCF5213 ColdFire device and can no longer access it. How can I unsecure it?
PEmicro has a utility, UNSECURE_CF, which allows an MCF521x device to be unsecured via PEmicro's USB Mulltilink hardware interfaces for ColdFire V2. The unsecure is done via the JTAG mode. JTAG mode must be enabled. TCLK must be connected to pin 6 of the BDM header. The data in the flash will be erased and cannot be retrieved. The utility should be able to unsecure other 52xx devices as well but this has not been tested.
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UNSECURE_CF - This application allows an ColdFire V2 processor with internal flash to be unsecured via the following PEmicro hardware interfaces: USB-ML-CF or USB-ML-CFE (Rev C) USB-ML-UNIVERSAL (all revisions) USB-ML-UNIVERSAL-FX (Rev B and higher) When a device is secure it will not respond to BDM (Background Debug Mode) commands and must be unsecured via JTAG mode. In order to properly unsecure the device, the bus frequency on reset must be input by the user. This utility is supported in Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

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