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FAQ ID # 84
I have a Cyclone Pro / BDM Multilink / USB-ML-12 cable and a MC9S12 target. When I attempt to use PROG12Z application I receive the following error message in the status window:

Speed test (ESC to abort) ... done.
Could not find appropriate io_delay_cnt.

How do I diagnose the problem?

First of all, the 9S12 devices have a security feature. Once a device is secured, its BDM is not normally accessible. When you use PROG12Z, you will get above error message. So the first thing you need to do is run PEmicro Unsecure_12 utility to try to unsecure the target. If you can successfully unsecure your target, you are all set. If you still get the same error message, please follow the next step to diagnose the problem.

Secondly, power up your target without PEmicro BDM Multilink / USB-ML-12 connected to it. Use an oscilliscope or a logic probe to monitor your BKGD line (Pin 1 of BDM header) and RESET line (Pin 4 of BDM header).

Both lines should be pulled up to your target VDD. If either line remains low all the time, check your target connections and clock signal.

Now, connect BDM Multilink / USB-ML-12 to your target and PC. When PROG12Z or Unsecure_12 tries to communicate with your target, both BKGD and RESET line should toggle. If either line remains low all the time, there is something wrong with BDM Multilink / USB-ML-12. If either line remains high all the time, please check your connections and make sure that line is not directly connected to your VDD or pulled up via a very small value resistor. One other possibility is that there is something wrong with the BDM Multilink / USB-ML-12 cable. Please contact PEmicro for further assistance if this is the case.

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Unsecure_12 - Utility which unsecures HC(S)12(X) devices via PEmicro's BDM Interfaces such as Cyclone-PRO, USB-ML-12, and BDM-Multilink. All information on the device will be erased. This version supports the Rev B and Rev C Multilink. It can now unsecure the XExxx and Pxxx.

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