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FAQ ID # 79
My Multilink debug probe is not detected by NXP's Codewarrior. What should I do?
First, ensure that your USB drivers are installed correctly. Use the link below to see our FAQ on USB drivers:

USB Drivers FAQ

Once you are sure the drivers are installed correctly, then check NXP's website to see if your Codewarrior has a patch. If so, please install the patch.

Older versions of Codewarrior and other 3rd party software which have not been updated by the manufacturer likely still can be patched to work with the latest PEmicro hardware. See the following FAQ for instructions : Patching Existing Legacy Software to Support Latest Hardware Revisions FAQ

If the Multilink is still not visible, you may have a hardware to software incompatibility issue. Please create a support request or call the technical support line for further assistance.

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