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FAQ ID # 75
I get a Blue Screen crash when Windows attempts to install the drivers for my USB Hardware Interface when I plug it in. What can I do?
The system level USB driver that PEmicro uses has been updated to address this issue. All reports of the blue screen that we have seen are related to Windows 2000 laptops. The latest driver installation from PEmicro addresses this issue. For your convenience, it is linked here directly. Install and reboot your PC before plugging the cable in.
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P&E Hardware Interface Drivers Version 9 (Windows 98/ME) - NOTE: THIS IS A LEGACY DRIVER. Installs PEmicro drivers to allow PEmicro applications to communicate with PEmicro hardware via the parallel port, PCI bus, Ethernet, Serial, and USB. Please note that not all hardware maybe supported for your OS. This does not include the application level support which comes with the different products. This install will also work for Windows 2000/XP, but for these operating systems you should download the latest version instead.

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HC08, HCS08, HC(S)12(X), 68HC16, CPU3xx, ColdFire V2/V3/V4, Power MPC5xx/8xx, Qorivva MPC5xxx, RS08, ColdFire V1, NXP Kinetis / S32 (ARM), S12Z Interface Hardware/Cable BDM MultilinkReplace, XPC560PADPT100S, XPC560PKIT100S, XPC560SADPT280S, CYCLONEPRO, USB-ML-MON08, USB-ML-12, PKGCFZ, CYCLONE_MAX, PKGPPCNEXUS, USB-ML-CF, USB-ML-PPCBDM, PKGCFZ_PRO, USB-ML-16/32, USB-ML-PPCNEXUS, DEMO9S08JM16, XPC560PADPT144S, XPC560PKIT144S
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