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FAQ ID # 59
I am using one of your MON08 interfaces to debug my target and also to supply it a clock across the ribbon cable. Supplying the clock couples noise into the other MON08 signals, how can I decrease this?
The simplest way to decrease the noise coupled into the other ribbon cable signals while driving a clock is to connect the following pins together on the target's MON08 connector : 1, 2, 5, 7, 11. On the PEmicro interface side, these signals are all ground, so connecting them together and to the target ground on the target side will provide multiple grounds on the ribbon and will decrease the noise generated by driving a clock. PEmicro only requires one of the grounds to be connected (usually pin 2) but highly recommends connecting all the grounds.

This applies to the Cyclone Pro, MON08 Multilink, USB-ML-MON08, and MON08 Cyclone.

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