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FAQ ID # 42
I am attempting to program external flash connected to my embedded processor. Either the erase, program, or show module does not work. What is the most likely source of this issue?
The most common reason for this issue is that the control lines connected to the flash are not configured properly. There are commands which may be added to the top of the programming algorithm to properly configure the control lines. Please read the following blog post for more details:

External Flash Programming Tips

We recommend that you check the Output Enable (OE), Write Enable (WE) and Chip Enable (CE) lines of the flash. When you execute the Erase Module or Program Module commands, the WE and CE lines of the flash should go low and the OE line should remain high.

Similarly, if you are trying to read flash contents by executing the Show Module (SM) command, the OE and CE lines of the flash should go low and WE line should remain high.

Also make sure that the flash does not have a specific write protect pin that has to be set to a specific value to allow programming.

Once you understand how the OE, WE, and CE lines are connected, you may need to create a support request to request for a custom algorithm. Please provide which NXP chip, which flash chip, and how the OE, WE, and CE lines are connected. It may take up to 5 business days to create an algorithm for you if it does not already exist.

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