PEmicro FAQ ID 243

I (or my company) have purchased software as part of our order; how do I download this software?

Most software puchased on or after approximately June 2021 (hardware-based licenses) can be downloaded at any time using the instructions below. Users with older software may contact for assistance.

Downloading A Software Purchase


If you wish to download purchased software, go to the website and click on My Account (login required). Then select My Downloads from the options provided.

Even if the license has not been transferred to you, as long as you have the installation code you can use the Search by Installation code box to find the appropriate software.

Find the appropriate software and click on Download Software to download.

Note: Before installing software, if an older version of the software already resides on your system, please uninstall the existing software using “Add/Remove Programs” on your PC.

Once the software has been downloaded, run it to install, following the installation instructions.

Transferring A License


If you wish to transfer a license to someone else, go to the website and click on My Account (login required). Then select My Product Licenses from the options provided.

Find your software among those listed and click on Transfer License To Someone Else. This page also allows you to view the license, or download the software.


These topics are discussed as part of the Hardware License Activation Guide .pdf document, which is linked for download below. Users who are not able

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Hardware License Activation Guide
PEmicro software with -HL- in the part number has a hardware license that must be installed into a hardware interface, typically a Multilink. This is a guide to assist with that installation.

This FAQ applies to the following


HC08 HCS08 HC(S)12(X) 68HC16 CPU3xx ColdFire V2/V3/V4 Power MPC5xx/8xx Qorivva MPC5xxx RS08 ColdFire V1 Kinetis / S32 DSC S12Z HC05, HC11, MAC7xxx, MCORE LPC H8 and H8S/Tiny, MC16C and M16C80, M32C, R8C, RH850, RL78, RX600 STM32 SPC5 STM8 i.MX ARM-based TriCore: AUDO TC1xx, AURIX TC2xx / TC3xx


General / Miscellaneous Development Board Interface Hardware/Cable IDE - Integrated Development Environment Debugger Flash Programming Software Assembler Unit Library SDK for Interface Hardware Development Kit / Package Stand-Alone Programmer Legacy