PEmicro FAQ ID 240

When using the multilink with your software tools, I get an error $8882 when it attempts to firmware update every time. This setup used to work with older multilink but not with the new multilink. What is going on?

We have multiple revisions of multilink universal hardware and newer revisions will require newer software. When using a newer multilink with older software, the software has no way of understanding how to update the firmware of the new revision. It will keep failing with error $8882.

Please install the latest Multilink Universal Resource CD and try to force firmware update your hardware. Resource CD attached to this FAQ. Hopefully the issue is resolved after the firmware update.

We still recommend that you update your software to a version that has been tested extensively with your new Multilink. If you are using Codewarrior software, you can simply use our FAQ #211 to patch up the software:

If you are using our Eclipse ARM or PPCNEXUS plugin, you should go to the Help Menu within Eclipse -> Check for Updates and get the latest plugin from our website. If you have issues with this step, please refer to this blog post:

If you are using any of our PROG, ICD, PKG, or UNIT software then you will need to purchase a new license for that software to get the latest version. You can purchase a new license online and if done with credit card you will automatically and immediately receive the new install key and software in your account.

To learn about which version of software was required to support your newer hardware, please check the support tab within the product page of the software you are using and see the release notes.

Typically we have free software upgrades within 1 year of purchase, so if you think you qualify please go to our support page and submit a support request for an updated version.

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USB Multilink Resources Install
Resource package for USB Multilink ACP, Embedded Multilink ACP, USB Multilink Universal (all revisions), and USB Multilink Universal FX (all revisions).

Install this if you are running older software or 3rd party software. Contains PEFirmwareConfig.exe utility, technical summaries, up-to-date firmware, and other resources.

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HC08 HCS08 HC(S)12(X) 68HC16 CPU3xx ColdFire V2/V3/V4 Power MPC5xx/8xx Qorivva MPC5xxx RS08 ColdFire V1 Kinetis / S32 DSC S12Z HC05, HC11, MAC7xxx, MCORE LPC H8 and H8S/Tiny, MC16C and M16C80, M32C, R8C, RH850, RL78, RX600 STM32 SPC5 STM8 i.MX ARM-based TriCore: AUDO TC1xx, AURIX TC2xx / TC3xx


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