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FAQ ID # 233
My Xilinx and PEMicro software cannot coexist on my Windows 7/8 OS due to Jungo WinDriver. What can I do? (This issue should not happen on Windows 10 machines)
Xilinx and PEMicro both use Jungo WinDriver for USB drivers for our hardware products. Before year 2015 both companies had the same version of WinDriver and therefore there was no conflict when using either company's USB products.

Starting year 2015 each year PEMicro has updated their WinDriver to the latest from Jungo while Xilinx has not updated their drivers. This causes conflict because now there are two versions of WinDriver on the computer. The older drivers will work with Xilinx but not with PEMicro, and newer drivers will work with PEMicro but not with Xilinx.

For Windows 10 PEMicro was able to rename the drivers to be "pemicrowindrvr" within device manager instead of WinDriver. Therefore there should be no conflict for Windows 10 users. However for Windows 7 the conflict is still there.

But there is an easy fix for this. Follow these quick steps:

1) Uninstall WinDriver under Jungo within device manager.

2) Install Xilinx old drivers (as admin) by going to "C:Xilinx14.7ISE_DScommonin t64install_drivers.exe", or whichever Xilinx version you may be using.

3) Go to C:windowssysWOW64 and remove "peusbmgr.dll" and "peusbmgr2.dll" from your machine.

4) Install "drivers for Systems with Conflict" onto your machine. You can find this driver within this FAQ.

After completing these 4 quick steps both Xilinx and PEMicro software should now work without any conflict.

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Drivers for Sytems With Conflict - *******Only Valid for Windows 8 and Below******* See FAQ 225. This is drivers version 11.1 for use when the newer driver software is not compatible with other companies software.

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