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FAQ ID # 227
How do I switch between Lock-Step Mode (LSM) and Dual-Processor Mode (DPM) on a MPC564xL PowerPC Nexus devices?
The Qorivva PowerPC Nexus MPC564xL devices have an option to switch between LSM and DPM modes by making changes in the shadow flash block. However, making changes in the shadow block is not easy and we have created a FLASH programming algorithm and outlined a step-by-step procedure on how to get the mode changed.

1) If you do not have the PROG for PPCNEXUS software from PEmicro, please download the attached demo/trial software and install it on your machine. The trial license is limited to 64K code size. Since the file required to perform a mode change does not reach the code-size limit of 64k, this limitation does not apply to the specific use case application.

2) After getting the trial license and activating the trial software, open PROG for PPCNEXUS software (PROGPPCNEXUS.exe) and connect to your Qorivva device using the PEmicro hardware interface such as: Multilink FX, Cyclone [LC/FX] Universal, or Cyclone MAX (discontinued). If successful, there will be a pop-up prompt to select an algorithm. If not successful, please check your connections and try changing the debug shift speed within the connection manager. You may also want to check if the device may be censored with a password. Use the "advanced" button within the Connection Manager to enter a password.

3) Within the algorithms folder, search for the algorithm called "Freescale_MPC5643L_1x32x2_Shadow_Blk_DPM_LSM_Config.PCP". This algorithm is specifically designed to only change the DPM and LSM bits and preserve all other data in the shadow flash block. Without preservation, you can accidentally erase the security bits and censorship password and irreversibly brick your device. Hence, please be sure to use an algorithm designated for performing LSM <-> DPM mode configuration within the shadow memory region.

4) WARNING: Make sure to run this step to completion. Otherwise, data could be lost or you may accidentally brick your device.

Within the command pick window, find the "EM: Erase Module" command and double click it. The algorithm will preserve the data in the shadow block only erasing the bytes responsible for controlling LSM and DPM device mode.

5) Within the command pick window, double click on one of two commands that are enabled to switch between modes: LS and DP. LS will execute the command to switch the mode on your device to LSM, while the DP will execute the command to switch to mode on your device to DPM.

6) After the mode has been set, quit out of the software and power cycle your chip/board. Now your chip will boot up in the mode you have selected.

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