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   Home P&E Customer Support FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ ID # 225
FAQ ID # 225
My Xilinx sofware has stopped working when I installed PEmicro Drivers, how can I resolve this?
PEmicro Drivers for Windows utilize the 3rd party service Jungo Windriver. Xilinx and other companies also use Windriver for their driver packages, but older versions. Starting with the PEmicro Driver package 11.7, a conflict between PEmicro Drivers and these older driver packages occur. This is because both the old and new driver packages utilize the same .sys file (windrvr6.sys). When the new PEmicro Drivers are installed, Xilinx tools stop working after 30 days because the new sys file requires a new license that the older Xilinx software does not have.

For Windows 8 and below the following steps will get your development software based on older Jungo USB drivers up and running.

1. Go to device mananger. Open the Jungo tab, right click on Windriver, and uninstall the entry (checking the delete files checkbox)
2. Go to C:windowssystem32drivers and delete windrvr6.sys. 3. Download and install the attached drivers. (Drivers 11.1)

If this does not work, please contact PEmicro and we resolve this issue on a case by case basis.

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Drivers for Sytems With Conflict - *******Only Valid for Windows 8 and Below******* See FAQ 225. This is drivers version 11.1 for use when the newer driver software is not compatible with other companies software.

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