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   Home P&E Customer Support FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ ID # 206
FAQ ID # 206
How do I transfer my existing software to another PC?
The installation code from your existing license is required to load the software to a different PC. This can be found in three locations:

1. The license is stored in a file named "pemicro.lic". This file is located in the existing software directory

2. The original PEmicro invoice

3. The sticker located on the CD case

Please note that only software released post-2009 will have an installation code and license file.

Once you retrieve the installation code, you may remove the software from the old PC. There is a file named uninstall.exe in the software directory that will run the uninstall routines or you can go through Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

After you have removed the software from the old PC, you can install it on the new PC with your CD and then re-activate it with the installation code. If you are unable to retreive the license file or you receive a message that you have reached the maximum number of activations, please contact our licensing manager with your invoice number for assistance. We will generally provide additional activations (pending a quick, positive evaluation of how the license is being used.)

If you no longer have the original CD, you can re-download the software within one year of the purchase date. please contact us with your invoice number for assistance.

If you need help activating your software, please view the following FAQ:
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