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FAQ ID # 202
I am unable to unsecure HCS08QD2 or HCS08QD4 devices with a Cyclone in standalone mode. The Cyclone gives the following error: "Error $00000008" and the Security LED blinks.
The HCS08QD family of devices have factory programmed values located at flash address $FFAA to $FFAC. The Cyclone must do a mass erase to unsecure the microcontroller. To prevent accidental lost of the factory programmed values during production, our engineers have disabled the ability to unsecure with the default algorithms for the QDx devices (9S08QD2.S8P or 9S08QD4.S8P). If you want to unsecure, use the NO_PRESERVE algorithms (9S08QD2_NO_PRESERVE.S8P or 9S08QD4_NO_PRESERVE.S8P). But please note that if you use the NO_PRESERVE algorithms all factory programmed values from NXP including trim will be erased.
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