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FAQ ID # 193
My CableCF or CableCFLV parallel port ColdFire programmer isn't working. What should I do?
If your CableCF and CableCFLV worked in the past and you recently changed computers, you should read FAQ#4 which deals with parallel port issues.

If you did not change computers (and software and target are also the same), you'll need to determine if the CableCF and CableCFLV is damaged. The technical summary attached below details what pins the interfaces must drive on the debug header to force the ColdFire device into debug mode. You can use this document to determine if your interface is damaged.

If the interface is damaged, you can try replacing the GAL chip.

The replacement GAL for CableCFLV Rev A-E is:

The replacement GAL for CableCFLV Rev F is:

If you have a Cable_CF Rev B and a Cable_CF Rev F and only the Rev B works, you need to connect Vcc to Pin 9 on the 26 pin header.
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